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Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Artificial Intelligence

In the fast-moving world of business intelligent technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a key asset. You can accelerate innovation within your business by making better, more efficient use of your data with fully scalable solutions.

In the face of ever-growing data repositories, we use increasingly advanced methods for analysis; now we can start to use responsible AI solutions to augment that advanced analysis with predictive outcomes.

Our center of excellence  innovation team will help you plan and execute a strategy that can lead to real business outcomes. If you’re interested in utilizing AI technologies but are struggling to know where to start, oAppsNet can help.


What is Oracle Document Understanding?

Document Understanding is an AI service that enables developers to extract text, tables, and other key data from document files through APIs and command line interface tools. This allows your company to automate tedious business processing tasks with prebuilt AI models and customize document extraction to fit your industry-specific needs.  oAppsNET specialize in building Document Understanding models to complement our business process transformation products and services.

How Oracle Applies Document Understanding?

How can
Artificial Intelligence
help your Business?

We build custom AI solutions to help your company automate, optimize, and extract insights to improve your products and services.


  • Clinical Analytics
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Automated Administration


  • Sales Forecasting
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Dynamic Pricing


  • Protect & Utilize Data
  • Comprehensive Data
  • Data Consolidation


  • Improve User Experience
  • Mitigate Risk of Fraud
  • Reduce Operational Costs


  • Fleet Management Maintenance
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Volume Predictions

Finance & Insurance

  • Fraud Detection
  • Cross Sell Predictions
  • Underwriting & Credit Scores

AI Adoption Stages

You have data. Is that data mature enough to be developed into a business intelligent solution? Where is it stored, how useful is it, and how much of it is accessible?

Data Maturity

As the first step in your journey towards more intelligent, intuitive systems, we need to make sure that your data is mature and consolidated.oAppsNet can provide assessment to ascertain the data maturity within your company and pinpoint your next obvious steps towards unlocking your data potential.

Use Case

The next logical step in this series is to develop your Use Case. What do you want to get out of your data in order for it to be useful to your business goals?We’ll help determine the best practice AI models, but first we need a clear idea of the best way we can put your data to use.


Now we can get onto the exciting stuff. The Pilot are designed to give you a sneak peek into how the expanding capabilities of AI can improve your business intelligence.It will also give us a chance to work out the best way of implementing our methods on a wider scale, so you know your data is in safe hands.


The final step is to deploy a AI model that make your data really work for you.Utilizing AI models can increase efficiency, save on resources, and speed up innovation within your company.  Check out our AI solutions that take advantage of AI models on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to You

AI is an industry-agnostic tool with a variety of solutions available. We are offering to bridge the gap between your use case and our skill set: below you can read about the various technologies and techniques we use to apply artificial intelligence to various problems.

  • Oracle Data Science

Access the Cutting Edge Oracle AI Solutions

The multiple platforms, technologies, and algorithms can make machine learning look inaccessible to small or medium-sized enterprises.

All you have to do is bring your data and our data scientist  will show you how to take advantage the latest and greatest AI solutions

oAppsNET uses prebuilt or custom AI models to extract key information from documents to populate extracted text, prefill fields, and perform other tasks.

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