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Content Management

OAN UX for Business Docs

A user friendly user experience
for Oracle® WebCenter.

What is OAN UX for Business Docs?

OAN UX for Business Docs is an solution that provides user friendly modern screens for Oracle® WebCenter to enhance the end user experience.  Our built in integrations to Oracle® ERP application (EBS & Fusion Apps) for managed attachments along with Oracle® AI – Document Understanding are some of the benefits of the solution.


  • Modern and Mobile Friendly User Experience For WebCenter Imaging
  • Prebuilt Integration With Oracle’s Fusion Platform
  • Managed Attachments for Fusion Apps
  • AI Driven Document Metadata
  • Secure and Centralized
  • Document Storage
  • Encryption
  • Search and Retrieval
  • Workflows
  • ERP ready Fusion Apps & EBS
  • ERP Managed Attachments

Why use OAN UX for Business Docs?

  • Versatile platform that offers both an intuitive user experience and headless REST architecture for backend flexibility.
  • Seamlessly integrates into ERP systems, low-code platforms and our prebuilt connector integrates with Oracle products (i.e. Fusion Apps, EBS, WebCenter Content, Integration Cloud).
  • Ready to use, integrates to the most popular artificial intelligence platforms to automate the classification and setting metadata for documents.
  • Implementations take several weeks.
  • Cost effective solution without compromising quality.

How do we provide the solution?

  • Our cloud native UX Extension can be provisioned on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or we can deploy our solution within an on-premises data center or other cloud platforms.
  • Extend Oracle’s WebCenter Imaging Application by providing a customer specific hand crafted user experience seamlessly layered atop of the Oracle’s WebCenter content management solution.
  • Natively integrated into our OAN’s platform of products for Source-To-Pay and Quote-To-Cash. These products can be found on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  • Subscription-based model so you only pay for what you need.

Oracle Content Management Cloud Service has Reached End of Life Status

What Are Your Options?

Data Sheet

Download our data sheet for a deeper dive into OAN UX for Business Docs capabilities, or connect with us to discuss how OAN can specifically benefit your organization. Explore the Oracle Marketplace for a firsthand experience of the future of automation.

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