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AP Automation

OAN Accounts Payable Automation

Revolutionize your order management! Our state-of-the-art solution goes beyond automation; it empowers your people by simplifying mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on activities that truly enhance engagement.

Does your organization has multiple ERP systems?

The OAN application can front end all your ERP systems (i.e. Oracle, Microsoft) to provide a global single entry point and process. Our OAN Accounts Payable application can transform your accounts payable process without upgrading or updating your ERP systems.

Pre-built & Pre-configured Workflows

Experience a hassle-free implementation with our ready-to-use workflows.

Oracle ERP Connectors

Benefit from seamless integration with multiple Oracle ERP systems for a unified, efficient process.

Transformative Order Entry

Our AP Portal is the answer to transforming your order entry process, ensuring efficiency without the complexities of ERP system changes or updates.


Case Studies

200% efficiency improvement in the invoice lifecycle

The Client took advantage of the oAppsNET predefined process flows and customizable user screens to allow the entire company to collaborate with AP. AP Users can  seamlessly switch between PO and Non PO Invoices using the same universal screens.
Additionally, the Non PO invoice process offers additional tools such as personalized GL allocation sets and one-click GL coding.

Wakefern converts AP process to 80% paperless and cuts overhead by $40k per year per profile

Wakefern needed to improve the end-user experience to allow those users to focus more time and effort on tasks that reduce organizational costs. Other objectives were to maximize vendor discounts, eliminate duplicate payments and process a higher volume of invoices with a lower head count.

oAppsNET AP Portal Can Help Maximize Resources

The AP Dashboard allows AP team members to monitor tasks in WebCenter Capture, WebCenter WFR, the AP Portal, and the interface table between the portal and EBS on the same page. In addition, EBS holds are shown on the dashboard. Prior to the AP Portal, AP users would have to log in to each application for task counts and task details in that application.

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Data Sheets

Download our data sheets for a deeper dive into OAN’s capabilities, or connect with us to discuss how OAN can specifically benefit your organization. Explore the Oracle Marketplace for a firsthand experience of the future of order automation.

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The right automation solution!

Does your business require a more robust way to manage its resources, procurement, internal processes, and data? Then an ERP implementation is the solution for you. We’ll help you and your business feel at ease with essential enterprise resource planning and business software enablement.