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OAN Sales Order Portal

Simplify and automate mundane tasks so you can better focus on value-added activities that will increase customer engagement.

Order Management Automation

The OAN Order Management application uses cutting-edge technology to greatly simplify and automate mundane tasks so that the customer service team can better focus their time on value-added activities that will increase their customer engagement.

The OAN Order Management application consists of pre-built & pre-configured workflows along with multiple Oracle ERP connectors that make our implementation a breeze.

If your organization has multiple ERP systems, then the OAN application can front end all those ERP systems (i.e., Oracle, Microsoft) to give your organization a global single-entry point and process.  If you want to transform your order entry process without upgrading or updating your ERP systems, then our OAN order management application is your answer.

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  • Pre-built workflow-enabled processing of raw sales order data into structured data
  • Option to use WEC/WFR and/or AI to extract order information
    Integrated with OAN Business Docs
    Ease of validating and correcting extracted data
  • Seamless touchless synchronization of master data from ERP systems
    Pre-built connector to Oracle Fusion to create sales order
  • Workflow-enabled flows to prioritize incoming documents for processing thereby improving SLAs
  • Seamless integration of Oracle Content
  • Management to store and retrieve ordering documents
  • Workflow-enabled orchestration provides a single-hub portal for all order sources with feedback loop to and from ERP systems

Latest Release 2.2: 1/10/2024

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