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AP Portal Overview

by Jose Jimenez

March 7, 2020


Business Value
  • Reduced time to track down Invoice inquiries in any stage of processing by providing common interface across all instances and stages
  • Real-time metrics across all instances to providing AP the ability to spot and and make adjustments to ensure timely processing of invoices
  • Enhanced duplicate invoice check that provides early dedication by monitoring invoices through all stages of processing.
  • Self-service learning modules for faster unboarding, and knowledge refresh on common processes
  • Audit and Compliance support by providing a means to pull invoices information and supporting documents  into a zip file to support internal or external audits
  • Accrual of invoices that are in process and have not been interfaced to EBS
  • Reduced IT support by providing menu options to unlock batches and check email queues

Duplicate Invoice ROI

Some of the Reasons for duplicate invoices:

  • Vendors sending invoices through more than one channel (email and mail)
  • Invoices submitted through Coupa and WebCenter
  • Invoices process on different instances for the same vendor
  • Same invoice process on duplicate Vendor for a different business unit

Cost of Duplicate payments

  • Reduction of monthly cash flow
  • Research and contacting vendor
  • Managing credit from vendor or processing payment from the vendor