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Esker On Demand Oracle Connector

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oAppsNET Group is a leading consultancy firm that helps clients drive growth and enhance performance through ERP digital transformation. We’ll help you through your business process transformation, guiding you through the change management required and apply implementation services with selected software.

With our proven pre-built connectors, you can focus on the business process instead of building custom integration layers.

5+ Years

Certified Esker Partner

oAppsNET implements and supports both platforms.

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Your Trusted Certified Oracle Partner for in a World of Data Possibilities

Connector Benefits

  • Seamless touchless synchronization of both master & transactional data between Oracle EBS & Fusion
Pre-built Connector between Esker platform and Oracle Fusion & EBS platforms

  • Pre-configured common Oracle ERP validations
Connector is supported by oAppsNET so your Company can focus on the business and oAppsNET takes care of the connector
  • Simple to apply data transformation and validations by using our custom hooks
  • Ability to own, store, and retrieve all your transactional and supporting documents within you Oracle ecosystem by using Oracle Content Management
  • We synchronize your transactions by building a direct link from Oracle back to Esker

Order to cash

Customer Service

  • Order Management

Accounts Receivable

  • Payment Processing
  • Cash Application
  • Claims & Deductions
  • Collections Management



  • Supplier Management
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement
  • Accounts Payable


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