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OAN Platform of Products

OAN UX for Business Docs is an solution that provides user friendly modern screens for Oracle® WebCenter to enhance the end user experience. Our built in integrations to Oracle® ERP application (EBS & Fusion Apps) for managed attachments along with Oracle® AI – Document Understanding are some of the benefits of the solution.

Our enterprise cloud-native solution is a simple-to-use, cost effective business document management system. A centralized workspace to manage business documents, our enterprise cloud-native solution provide a seamless experience for both the end user and content administrators.

Revolutionize your order management! Our state-of-the-art solution goes beyond automation; it empowers your people by simplifying mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on activities that truly enhance engagement.

Pre-built and pre-configured workflows for both onboarding and maintenance, complemented by seamless Oracle ERP connectors.

Simplify and automate mundane tasks so you can better focus on value-added activities that will increase customer engagement.

Make your document management a breeze with pre-built & pre-configured Adobe® sign integration that includes document management workflows and Oracle ERP connectors.

Make your document management a breeze with OAN DocuSign® Portal. Use pre-built & pre-configured DocuSign® integrations that include document management workflows and Oracle ERP connectors.

A new updated AP Project Reporting application that uses the latest version of Oracle Application Express (APEX) to provide statistical and performance reports of invoices processed by WFR.

Building extensions in EBS and Fusion is an excellent way to ensure your business remains secure yet flexible. E-Business Suite & Fusion extensions offer far better mechanisms for interfacing with your ERP, controlling your data, improving your business processes, and growing with your ERP system. Modern, web-based E-Business Suite extensions, in particular, can offer a superior user experience (UX).

With our proven pre-built connectors, you can focus on the business process instead of building custom integration layers.

oAppsNET’s smart integration approach makes integrating with Oracle, and other ERPs a breeze. oAppsNET built a foundation so it reduces the cost, implementation time and decreases risk with a proven solution.